Sunday, December 2, 2007

Vote Ryan Kopf for Mayor of Muscatine, Iowa 2009

Vote for Ryan Kopf for mayor of Muscatine in the election in a few years for a number of important reasons. Ryan has many goals and plans for Muscatine, and is willing to work harder than anyone else has in the past.

New Technology will save Muscatine money. Using linux combined with server/thin-client networks will make computing faster and less expensive. Information will be more conveniently gathered, better organized, and easier to find.

Drug Prevention will save Muscatine money. We won't have to spend as much money tracking down drug-related crimes and thefts, plus we'll all be better off.

Youth Activities will keep young people in Muscatine. This will help Muscatine keep jobs and have a fantastic work force. We have a lot of smart young people in Muscatine, and we need to give them incentives to stay.

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